Students interested in enrolling in ACD should visit the campus in Garhoud. If desired, applicants can arrange a meeting in advance with one of the counselors by calling the Admissions Office. Either way, it will be useful to first download an application form before visiting.

Applicants for admissions should bring with them the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • School Records including secondary school diploma with a detailed statement of marks duly certified by the concerned authorities
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s passport and Emirates National ID.
  • 3 recent passport-size color photos.
  • A copy of their UAE National ID (if applicable)
  • A non-refundable application fee of AED 900.

The student must present an original certificate or a true certified copy of his or her high school diploma with a detailed statement of grades achieved. All documents must by certified by the student’s school in the UAE or abroad.

Certificates issued by an education authority in the UAE must be certified by the Ministry of Education and those issued abroad by the educational authorities of the concerned country.

To qualify for admission at ACD, an applicant must hold a UAE School Certificate or its equivalent covering 12 years of education or a terminal secondary education completion certificate that qualifies the applicant to enroll in an institution of higher education in the country of origin where the certificate was issued.

All students applying for admission must submit a TOEFL score of at least 500 (or 61 for computer-based systems) or an IELTS score of 5.0 or an EmSAT English Achieve score of 1100. Additionally, all applicants must demonstrate a proficiency in English and Mathematics necessary for achieving their academic objectives. This is determined by placement tests in English and Mathematics prior to registration. Those requiring additional skills in these areas are assigned to preparatory courses. The College has a policy of interviewing all prospective students to assess whether the student’s interests and career goals are compatible with ACD’s mission and programs.


Qualifications Requirements
UAE Secondary School Certificate (GSECE) Minimum average score of 60%
Indian Board(s) Certificates Senior School Certificate (12 standard) of 60%
Pakistani Board(s) Certificates Higher Secondary Certificate (part .II) with a “C”average
Iranian Certificate Completion of pre-university
American High School Diploma Minimum of 2.O GPA or equivalent with SAT I Math
Lebanese Baccalaureate Completion of Part II
International Baccalaureate Completion of 6 subjects
British Curriculum Minimum 5 O level subjects with “C” grades and 2 AS levels with minimum “D” grades; or 1 “A” level with a minimum “E” grade.