BBA Degree in Dubai

BBA Degree in Business

ACD’s Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA), with optional concentrations, is designed for those students who wish to complete a full four-year program in Dubai with a qualification endorsed by the UAE Ministry of Education.

The program seeks to prepare students to work in a variety of industries such as Real Estate, Property Management, Manufacturing, Public Utilities as well as Oil and Transportation, Merchandising and Banking. In light of the large number of family-owned enterprises in the UAE, the Degree’s curriculum is designed to ensure coverage of topics that specifically address this sector of the economy.


The American College of Dubai is fully accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education.


We are centrally located in the Garhoud district of Dubai, click here for our location.


Our student body & faculty are from a diverse spectrum of nationalities & backgrounds.


  • Concentrations available in Management, Finance, Human Resource Management & Marketing
  • Highly flexible study modes including evening/part-time study
  • Affordable fees with high quality faculty & education
  • Fully accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education
  • US style curriculum



Subject* Credit Hours

ENG 120, ENG 121 English Composition I, II
ENG 212 Public Speaking
Mathematics (MAT 120 Finite Math, MAT 220 Statistics)
Natural Sciences (SCI 215 Biology, SCI 212 Physical Science, SCI 145,146 Chemistry I,II, SCI 219 Environmental Issues. etc)
Humanities/Literature (LIT 200 English Lit; FAS 201,202 Humanities I,II, PHL 210 Philosophy etc)
Social/Behavioral Sciences (PSY 108,211,216,257 Psychology, SOC 112 Sociology, ATH 111 Anthropology)
Regional Culture/History (PHL 230 World Religion, HIS 115 Middle East History etc)
IT 100 Information Technology

For exact subject codes, see course/subject descriptions on the ACD website under University Programs.

ACC 101 Financial Accounting
ACC202 Managerial Accounting
MAN 206 Business Law
ECO 201 Microeconomics
ECO 202 Macroeconomics
MAN 215 Principles of Management
MAT 300 Business Statistics
MAN 305 Organizational Behavior
MAT 225 Quantitative Methods
FIN 300 Principles of Finance
IT 208 Systems Analysis and Design
ENG 220 Business Communications
MKT 300 Marketing Management
MAN 300 Operations Management
MAN 460 Business Policy
PHL 216 Business Ethics

Note: Many of these courses/subjects have prerequisites. For more on these requirements, see course /subject descriptions on ACD’s website under University Programs.

MAN 328 Organizational Leadership
MAN 311 Human Resource Management
MAN 340 Small Business Management
MAN 345 Family Business Management
MAN 415 Project Management
MAN 420 International Business
MAN 440 Managing Quality

ECO 303 Managerial Economics
FIN 310 Fundamentals of Investment
FIN 315 Islamic Banking and Finance
FIN 420 Advanced Corporate Finance
FIN 430 Financial Markets and Institutions

HRM 310 Employment Law and Labor Standards
HRM 320 Occupational Health and Safety
HRM 410 Benefits and Compensation Management
HRM 420 Employment Training, Recruitment and Selection
HRM 450 Human Resource Strategy and Implementation

MKT 327 Consumer Behavior
MKT 335 Marketing Research
MAN 340 Small Business Management
MKT 410 Integrated Marketing Communication
MAN 420 International Business
MKT 415 Customer Relationship Management
MKT 450 Marketing Strategy

IV FREE ELECTIVES (To be selected from any of the subjects offered by the College.)


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