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We are proud to announce that one of our students, Miss Fawzia Nadar has been crowned as Ms. Empress Universe. The event took place on the 9th of December 2018 in Goa, India with 40 other female contestants  from around the world!




National Day Poem by Dr. Reyaz Ahmad


Our Vision:

This project strives to make ACD and many other colleges and schools in the UAE garbage free. We being the pioneers of this project have to set a good
example and obtain this goal in order to spread the word.






The steps to accomplishing our goal:
Waste Segregation:

Waste segregation
means dividing waste into dry and wet. Dry waste includes wood and related products, metals and glass. Wet waste,
typically refers to organic waste usually generated by eating establishments and are heavy in weight due to dampness (organic waste) .
Organic Waste

Composting is nature’s process of recycling decomposed organic materials into a rich soil known as compost. By composting your organic waste you are
returning nutrients back into the soil for the cycle of life to continue; it can be used as fertilizer. Composting saves money-you avoid the cost of buying
soil conditioners etc. ACD can also sell its compost and earn a profit.



Recycle Bins
The Dry waste could be sorted out as recyclable waste.

ACD can place different separate bins according to the type of recyclable material e.g.: paper and plastic etc.


Recyclable materials

Other than sending the waste to the recycling center; we could use it to other make creative and useful things for college use


Using bottles as pots to grow plants in

Making art out of recyclable material

How Other Clubs Are helping:


Art Club:

Recycling to Create Art work:

Accessories and props can be made using some parts of the waste to create wearable art, such as purses fashioned out of tabs from metal cans.


Sports Club

Holding Tournaments:

ACD sports club can help provide the funds to undergo this project by setting up tournaments inside the college.

The tournaments can also be used to provide awareness among the students.
Drama Club

Putting on Plays:

The ACD drama club can put on awareness plays to educate the students more on waste reduction and encourage students to strive towards making ACD a zero
waste campus


Fashion Club
Fashion Shows:

The ACD fashion club can use recyclable materials to make clothing and accessories.The club can then host a fashion show in order to promote the zero waste campus



Dance Club
Symbolic Dance Routine:

The ACD dance club can prepare a dance routine that symbolizes and promotes a waste free way of living.

They can use recyclable props.
Culture Club

Waste control in different countries:

The ACD cultural club can help educate the students about the way different countries dispose of or how they manage their waste.

ACD can also try to adapt to those methods in order to improve our waste management skills



Music Club

Making Instruments:

ACD’s music club can create musical instruments from recyclable materials. They can sing songs promoting a waste free environment.



IT Club

Replacing paper with Technology:

The ACD IT club can encourage replacing paper with more online resources for e.g.:

¤ Using an iPad or tablet to view your notes from

¤ Using an online note pad to note down any key points that the instructor gives in class

¤ Using an online planner to remember certain due dates for assignments as well as test dates.

Creating this webpage to raise the importance and awareness of a waste free campus.




Writer’s Club




Community Service Club
Coordinating Activities:

The ACD Community Service club will play a leading role in this project so it will be their duty to coordinate the activities of all the clubs in order to
succeed in making ACD a zero waste campus.




Anyone at ACD is welcome to volunteer in helping to achieve our goal .

Smart ACD Student Gets Full Scholarship to the IVY League

Expatriate student from modest background gets the chance to pursue degree course in US college Dubai: It’s literally a dream come true for 19­year­old Salman Tariq, an expatriate UAE resident who has bagged a 100 per cent scholarship to pursue his undergraduate course in an Ivy League university.

Tariq, who moved to Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC) in Washington DC this Fall, is the recipient of Dh150,000 for the first two years of education and will be granted more funds to complete his graduation and he intends to complete his degree in Finance from mostly Columbia University. Tariq from the city of Rawalpindi in Pakistan has always lived with his family of five siblings in Al Ain. His father is a metallic scrap dealer in the Al Ain industrial area. Tariq told Gulf News that he was “living his dream as he could never really imagine he would be able to go to the US for higher studies”. He topped two A level and one AS examinations in 2014.


In an email interview from the US, he told Gulf News: “I do not know of any other Asian student who has got a 100 per cent scholarship. Usually, students get up to 50 per cent scholarship at the undergraduate level. It is indeed a dream for students like me. I think my academic profile along with my interest in extra­curricular activities plus the help I received in articulating my voice to the decision­makers at Spokane, helped shape my future. At times even if you have what it takes, a lack of guidance can make you end up somewhere you don’t want to. I am fortunate to have the best guidance.” His mentor Peter Davos, founder of Hale Education, told Gulf News: “Salman was a brilliant student with outstanding school records, we noticed. So we put him into the American Honours Pathway Programme that allows for a student to complete one year within the UAE which he did at the American College of Dubai (ACD) and then sought a transfer to a community college in the US and finally he will get to study the last two years in an Ivy League university, based on his performance scores. Here, ACD and us, jointly funded the scholarship for the first two years.” Tariq excelled in ACD and was awarded the outstanding student’s trophy for academic year 2015­2016 after which he went on a scholarship to SFCC at Washington DC in Fall 2016.


Tariq advises other students to always work hard and reach out for the stars “I have three sisters out of whom one is younger to me. To be fair, without this scholarship my dream to study in the States would have stayed that way because most of my dad’s income was directed towards the education of my elder sisters who were completing a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Abu Dhabi. I have always considered my life as a roller­coaster ride. With a lot of twists and turns, a lot of highs and lows. So one thing I am sure of is that nothing is certain and you are the one who has to help yourself in order for others to help you. Having said that, I also have started to believe that no matter how long it takes, hard work always pays off.” Tariq intends to return and work in the UAE and eventually pursue his dream to get a doctoral degree.

ACD participates in Book Drive for Pakistan and features in The National and GulfNews

DUBAI // The first batch of more than 1,000 books was sent to Pakistan on Saturday – World Book Day – as part of the Kitaabie initiative to build libraries there.

Kitaabie, which means “my book” in Arabic, was set up by a group of Pakistanis in Dubai, motivated by the UAE naming 2016 as the Year of Reading.

The books were sent to Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, and to library premises donated by a former Dubai resident of 20 years, Ali Raza Jafry, 72, who now runs a welfare trust.

“These donated books are academic and non-academic, donated by family, friends and students at American College of Dubai,” said Maha Khan, an English teacher at the British Council who is behind the initiative.


Dubai: With a mission of equipping libraries in Pakistan and helping supply books to students in the country’s rural areas, a number of expats have organised a book drive, which began on Saturday and is due to continue all week at the American College of Dubai.


Dubai University College American BBA Evening Program Degree Accredited

ACD Faculty Member’s Research Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Journal

The Royal Society of Chemistry was formed in 1841 and has a membership of more than 50,000. It is a learned society in the United Kingdom with the goal of “advancing the chemical sciences.”

The American College of Dubai’s very own Prof Manjula Nair’s research titled “Analytical methods for sensing of health-hazardous arsenic from biotic and abiotic natural resources” was published by the RSC’s journal and can be viewed here:!divAbstract

American College of Dubai Leveraging US Varsity Relationship for Educational Innovation