College Sponsorship for Non-Resident Students

The American College of Dubai undertakes to sponsor and assist non-UAE resident students to obtain a visa to study at the college. Understandably there are a number of requirements and conditions for students requesting visa assistance. Among these are the following:

– The student must enroll as a full-time student (minimum of 4 subjects per term) and attend two full academic semesters per academic year.

– Must have a local guardian if under age 21. A letter from the guardian stating that he or she will take full responsibility while the student is enrolled at the American College of Dubai.

– One year’s fees to be paid in advance, with the first semester payable by cash or current cheque and second semester by post-dated cheque. Students continuing their studies after one year must repeat this payment procedure for all subsequent years.

– 1st semester fees for sponsored students are not refundable once a visa is issued.


Procedure for Sponsorship

– The student should forward a passport copy with 6 colour photos with white background and a visa charge of AED 1600 (if outside of the UAE) or AED 3090 (if the students is currently in the UAE and does not wish to exit and re-enter) plus a deposit of AED 2500 to the ACD Business Office.

– Complete the medical test at a government medical centre with charges to be paid by the applicant.

– 5-8 working days are required for the visa to be issued. Please collect the original visa from the College at which point the student can enter the UAE with the ACD visa.

– Submit the original passport, new visa, medical certificate and to the College for stamping of visa in the passport within one month of entry to the UAE. Processing time about 2 weeks. If the student fails to maintain a “C” grade or above in his college courses, ACD reserves the right to refuse sponsorship.



Visa Expenses


Refundable Deposit upon departure from UAE AED 2500
First Year Visa Charge AED 1600
Issue and Transfer without Exiting UAE AED 1490
Annual Renewal Charge AED 1300
Visa Cancellation Charge AED  200
Medical Insurance Charge/Year AED 1600