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For all round development of the students, the American College of Dubai provides a host of student activities. The objective of co-curricular activities is to extend classroom learning through activities initiated by faculty and students. The extra-curricular activities will give students opportunities to develop and showcase their talents. Students are encouraged to take part in competitions held outside the campus as well. Besides having fun, they also get opportunities to give back to the community through acts of service and charity drives.

Brief description/purpose of the clubs:

  • Media Club (Writing; Editing; IT; Photography; Film; Broadcasting)

The purpose of the Media Club is to give students the opportunity to be creative; the club encompasses various fields in keeping up with the diversity of the students’ interests.

  • Entrepreneur Club

The Entrepreneur Club cultivates entrepreneurial skills and values among students who are capable of competing in the local and global business industries.

  • Arts Club (Drama; Theatre; Dance & Music; Entertainment; Culinary)

The Arts Club ethos is to be as inclusive as possible. While showcasing their talents, students enjoy fellowship and participate in wholesome group activities with one another and with staff members.

  • Community Engagement Club (Social Service; Sustainability & Environment; Health & Safety)

The Community Engagement Club gives students many volunteer opportunities to help improve the environment and the community. Meaningful community service and reflective learning prepares students as community-responsive citizens.

  • Sports Club

The Sports Club targets and promotes athletic and aesthetic development of all students through varied competitive activities. It emphasizes fun, teamwork and leadership.