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    Turkish Restaurant in Dubai

    Posted on : 14 Jan 2016 by admin

    Turkish Restaurant in Dubai

    Turkish food is always a bit hit and miss, its sometimes quite difficult to find a decent turkish restaurant in Dubai, let alone a great one! This seems to be because the majority of great turkish chefs don’t seem to want to leave Turkey to work in a turkish restaurant in dubai, they are quite happy to stay in their beautiful homeland. From the mountain skiing to the beaches in Bodrum, you cannot really blame them for not wanting to leave! If you have ever been to Turkey you will know what the food is like, but for those of us here looking for a turkish restaurant in Dubai, what can we hope for other than a regular gyro style fast food doner?

    Well you have several options for Turkish Restaurant in Dubai, the first being:


    Or you can try cooking Turkish cuisine at home! Try these awesome recipes:

    Turkish Cooking Recipes



    Food from turkey is quite specific to each region, the most infamous is the Anatolia region, which is home to the famous Katmer Dessert, Katmer was first recorded in the 17th Century and has remained pretty much unchanged ever since! You can find home made katmer recipes on the internet, or at a turkish restaurant in dubai, it is an ancient flaky pastry traditionally eaten during breakfast, but it is great with tea all day! According to some sources the history of katmer dates back to the 11th century, but you can find it in the history from then until 14th century, it can be served as a plain or savoury dish, with many variations including as a dessert! Probably the most widely known version of the dessert comes from the town of Gazientep which produces some of the nicest katmer in turkey, it is really great and we thoroughly recommend it! Find out more about this awesome sweet by checking out this blog post about katmer

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