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    Pimp Your USB Thumbdrive – 8 Nifty Apps

    Posted on : 06 Sep 2017 by admin

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    I carry around a USB thumbdrive at school because Im always using different library computers.

    Over the weekend, I discovered 8 useful apps that can be added to a thumbdrive to aid in productivity.

    I hope you find some of these useful as well . . .

    Encrypt Your Thumbdrive
    First off, make sure to encrypt your USB flash drive to protect your information. You can easily secure everything with TrueCrypt – which is a free, open source encryption software. This means nobody can access your info without a password.

    OpenOffice.org Portable
    If you want access to your office applications: word, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, you should download this office application.

    Portable FireFox
    Keep your bookmarks, favorite extensions, and passwords with you wherever you go.

    Add sticky notes on your desktop and easily transfer them to your next computer.

    Pidgin Portable
    Take your IM settings and buddy lists with you. It includes support for all the IM networks like AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and Jabber.

    FireFTP Extension
    If you want quick access to your FTP, youll love this nifty addition to your thumbdrive.

    PeaZip Portable
    Compress or uncompress your ZIP files on whatever computer your on.

    Ever wish you had your email client, web browser, favorite bookmarks, office suite, and everything else with you at all times? Well, PortableApps is a free program that you can install on your thumbdrive which will give you access to whatever programs/files you have on your personal computer wherever you go.

    What do you put on your USB thumbdrive?

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