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  • Overview

    The university transfer program, or the so-called 2+2 approach, has long been the principal focus of ACD’s academic offerings in the UAE. This is a program whereby students are able to complete up to 2 years of a US university degree in their local community or country and then finish the final portion of a 4-year degree at the university of their choice in the USA, Canada or other countries. ACD, realizing that many of the countries adjacent to the UAE and beyond lack these “community colleges” which specialize in this educational approach, is establishing a network of international affiliate centres which can offer the 2+2 program to the student community in various regions.
    Currently, the College has arrangement in Spain, Pakistan and India.

    Centre Contacts:
    Spain/American College of Spain – Ms. Melissa Butler, Campus Director (mbutler@acmarbella.es) ;
    Pakistan-Lahore/VistaBrainz – Mr. Ali Raza Jafri, President (vistabrainz@gmail.com) .
    India- ACI, American Education Centre – Ms. Devanshi Gupta, Director. New Delhi (delhi.admissions@aciedu.in), Gurgaon (gurgoan.admissions@aciedu.in), Ludhiana (ludhiana.admissions@aciedu.in), Kochi (kochi.admissions@aciedu.in). Website: www.aciedu.in
    The program is based on a hybrid variety of online learning, which combines online presentation by ACD’s faculty with regularly scheduled classes coordinated by local teaching assistants or facilitators appointed and supervised by ACD. The format of the course, the work required in and out of the classroom as well as the final grading are all under the control of the ACD course instructor. This can be called a classroom-structured extension program and it combines the reach of online learning with the dynamism and discipline of the classroom. It also allows greater monitoring of a student’s performance and progress than the normal, exclusively online, interaction between teacher and student found in the typical online course.
    The classes are held at carefully selected centres throughout the various regions and allow local students to earn 1-2 years of US university credits before physically transferring to universities in the USA and other countries to complete the work for their final degree. The coursework completed at an affiliate centre can be used towards the completion of the normal four-year degree in Business Administration as well as the other disciplines (Engineering, Computer Technology, Science, or the Liberal Arts) so long as the subjects taken are relevant to the degree requirement of the universities. As an added benefit to ACD’s students, the affiliate centre in cooperation with ACD, provides year-round counseling and advice to assist students to transfer to the university of their choice in the USA, Canada, or the UAE.
    It should be emphasized that courses offered at these centres are the same as those required at almost all US universities and are done in strict accordance with the regulations of the UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research. Students registering in this course must meet all of UAE Ministry’s admission requirement and are enrolled in the American College of Dubai and receive a transcript from the ACD indicating the subject taken and the grades received. This transcript will be submitted as a valid part of their academic records to the US degree-granting university in which they enroll, thereby shortening the duration and lowering the cost of a US degree.
    NOTE: Credits earned at ACD’s extension program are only guaranteed to transfer to universities abroad if the final grade received in the subject is a letter grade of “C” or above.

    COURSE OFFERINGS (other courses are currently being developed by the faculty of ACD)ENG 120 English Composition I
    ENG 121 English Composition II
    ENG 212 Introduction to Public Speaking
    ENG 220 Business Communication
    ACC 101 Introduction to Accounting & Financial Reporting I
    ACC 102 Introduction to Accounting & Financial Reporting II
    SOC 112 Introduction to Sociology
    PHL 210 Introduction to Western Philosophy
    MAN 110 Introduction to Business
    ECO 201 Microeconomics
    IT 100 Introduction to Information Technology
    PSY 257 Social Psychology
    SCI 145/145L Chemistry I & Laboratory
    SCI 248/248L Physics I & Laboratory
    MAT 117 College Algebra
    MAT 118 Pre-Calculus Algebra
    MAT 231 Calculus I
    Full course description can be accessed through ACD’s homepage.
    For more information and to find out if an affiliate centre exists near you, contact a counselor at onlineadmissions@acd.ae or call ACD directly. Students must register for courses by enrolling at the affiliate centre in their locality. Fees may vary from one centre to another.
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