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    Collaborate on School Projects with Stixy.com

    Posted on : 28 Mar 2018 by admin

    Alright, so another online collaboration website started up.

    Yep, another one.

    This one is called Stixy.

    Stixy.com is an online bulletin board that allows you to post your notes, word docs, and photos all on one page.

    You can do the same things with iGoogle, but Stixy makes it look a heck of a lot nicer. And you can also easily share everything with your friends or other classmates (in case you’re working on a school project).

    Heres how it looks . . .

    The website is still in beta (and acting a bit buggy), but overall it’s a pretty nice website for keeping track of your various class assignments and “to do” lists. I still prefer iGoogle for this type of stuff, but Stixy.com does have a much nicer interface. Check out Stixy when you get a moment.

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