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  • Campus Life


        The student body at ACD is highly diverse, much like the expatriate sector of the UAE with an increasingly strong representation of UAE nationals. These students unite around a common language and interest in obtaining a US-style higher education qualification. The daytime student population is mostly composed of recent school leavers while the evening programs attract a large number of working individuals who are seeking to improve their employment status. A large number of non-resident students attend the College from various foreign countries including China, Nigeria, and Iran. These students study in the UAE under the sponsorship of the College which provides a student visa for the duration of their studies.


         Much of the variety and diversity of the student body is due to the nature of the programs offered at ACD which tend to emphasize career-oriented courses with internship opportunities designed to improve the student’s employment prospects. In this sense it follows the model of the community college in the USA which prepares students for useful and necessary careers in the community, although it also includes an attractive academic component leading to higher degrees.


       Student life at ACD promotes positive development by encouraging participation in programs and activities designed to provide opportunities to develop social and leadership skills. The Student Activities Office organizes and coordinates a number of social and cultural activities for ACD students such as student clubs, organizations and events. In this way, students enhance their talents and develop interpersonal and leadership skills.


        The College sponsors a Student Council administered by its students which helps with all these activities. It has a newsletter which serves the students and keeps them informed about all activities and events and encourages all of them to contribute to the newsletter.


        The College also offers a variety of inter and intramural sporting activities. All sports are supervised by the Sports/Safety Coordinator. Basketball, football and cricket are encouraged along with a number of other less vigorous activities such as chess, billiards, or table tennis. Teams are open to all students whose overall grades are C or above.


       The above activities and programs are conducted under the auspices of the Dean for Student Affairs/Services as well as the Sports Coordinator.

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