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    8 Mathematic Tattoos You Need to See

    Posted on : 10 Aug 2017 by admin

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    Ive been really enjoying Carl Zimmers Science Tattoo Emporium a blog dedicated to showing science-based tattoo art.

    So here are some of my favorites posted on his site along with some others that Ive found:

    1. Quadratic Formula

    2. Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

    (Monge-Ampere & Infinity Laplacian)

    3. Zermelo-Fraenkel with Choice Axioms of Set Theory

    4. Y Combinator

    5. All Values (from Zero to Infinity) are Less Than Love

    6. Math Lip Tattoo

    7. The Continuity Equation

    8. Schroedinger’s Equation for the Wavefunction of a Particle

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