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    5 ways how nutrition unexpectedly influences your productivity

    Posted on : 06 Feb 2018 by admin

    You might think your productivity is down to being disciplined and following the advice in self-help
    books. The thing is, there are a lot more things that can influence your productivity than that. For
    example, our environment can play a huge role in how productive we are, with certain
    environmental cues either pushing us to do more or less, depending on what they are.

    Similarly, what we eat can have a huge impact on our productivity, with it influencing energy levels,
    concentration and a whole slew of other things. And that makes sense. After all, you literally are
    what you eat (okay and drink and breathe). Nothing else can be used to build you and nothing else
    can be used to keep you (or distract you) from the task at hand.

    So then the big question is, what foods actually affect our productivity and how do they do it?


    It always amazes me how many students guzzle and gorge sugar as they study. Don’t they realize
    what they’re doing to themselves? For if you want to undermine your productivity then there really
    is very little else you can do than have a sugary drink.

    Why? Because of how the body reacts to it, of course. Sugar, or carbohydrates is energy (sugar is
    known as ‘empty calories’). But it’s not energy in the way that putting fuel in a car is energy. Fuel can
    just sit there and wait. When we eat and drink, it doesn’t work like that. Instead, with us the fuel
    immediately gets processed.

    That causes an excess of calories in our body. In order to process these calories the body will
    produce a large amount of insulin. These will process and shred the extra energy. The only problem?
    They go too far and pull too much sugar out of our systems. This leads you to then have a sugar

    Fiber, protein and quality fats

    So no carbohydrates, you’re thinking. Please don’t think that. We do need energy. We just have to
    make sure that it’s the right kind of energy. We want carbohydrates that instead of quickly release,
    like sugar (and white flour and similar processed products), release more slowly.

    The good news is they exist. Some examples are eggs, quinoa, sweet potatoes and whole grains.
    These take time to digest and release energy slowly as they do so. In this way, eating these for
    breakfast or having a go at them several times through the day can really up your energy levels for
    many of hours afterwards. And that, in turn raised productivity and improves writing and creativity.

    You shouldn’t just worry about energy

    You see, food doesn’t just affect our energy levels. It also affects our mood. Some foods have a
    generally positive affect on how we feel. Others do not. How do you tell the difference? Well,
    generally if people say you shouldn’t eat a certain food because it’s junk food or candy, then
    unsurprisingly it isn’t just bad for your waistline, but also for how you’re feeling in your head.

    And as how you’re feeling in your head also decides how you’re going to feel about doing what
    you’re supposed to do, that matters.

    A varied and healthy diet is the first step to a productive and happy life

    Yes, I know that you’re busy and yes I know that eating well is something that takes time and effort.
    At the same time, as it directly and effectively stretches out the amount of time you can dedicate to
    being productive and focused, it is most certainly worth investing that time and energy.

    To help yourself do that, don’t wait too long with eating. This is what a lot of people do. They are so
    busy being productive, they only realize they’re hungry when there is already an energy crisis in the
    body. They then have a desperate urge for the types of food which quickly restore their energy
    levels – which are things like junk food.

    A much better solution is to start your day by preparing a whole bunch of foods that have slow-
    release properties, like fruit, nuts and wholegrain snacks. Then, during the day, graze on these. This
    will make sure that you have the energy you need to keep going and will make sure you avoid the
    crisis whereby you suddenly have an urge for the food that undermines your productivity.

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